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Meet the great grandparents!

When I started researching my family history about four years ago, I was lucky enough to already know the names of all eight of my great grandparents. I think that these ancestors are an ideal way to start my family history on this blog.

Indeed, on this blog, all lines will flow back through history from my great grandparents … as I don’t intend to go into detail for more recent family, in order to protect the privacy of the living.

So here they are, introduced through their marriages, my great grandparents:

Walter Alliston & Caroline Claydon married on 2nd February 1889 in Braintree, Essex.

Eliza Birt & Edward Ward married on 2nd August 1886 in Stradbroke, Suffolk.

Richard Henry Cormack & Annie Rose Nevill married on 1st February 1893 in Islington, Middlesex.

Mary Ann Pooley & Joseph Edmond Shephard married on 23rd February 1881 in Brighton, Sussex.