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Introducing the Claydons

I’ve just added a page introducing the Claydons from Essex that I have tracked down.

Sadly, this isn’t a very impressive selection of direct ancestors… only my great grandmother Caroline Claydon, and her father James – more details on my problems tracing my Claydons on the new page!

When I think of the Claydons, it is really Caroline Claydon I imagine. From the stories I’ve been told, and the pictures I’ve seen, she sounded and looked like a formidable person. She was certainly a survivor.

Her first husband, Walter Alliston died of throat cancer, leaving her with two young children (aged 10 & 4). She took in boarders for a while, and one of these became her second husband – Hugo Otto Greiner, an engineer from Germany working at a local factory. They had one child together and a much longer marriage (29 years). Hugo died in 1930, and she lived on to 1949.