Updated 19 Oct 2007

The Allistons I have traced so far are from Essex, mainly Marks Tey, Copford, Braintree & Chelmsford.

My Alliston great grandfather, Walter, was born in 1853 in Marks Tey, and died in 1899 in Chelmsford. He started out as an agricultural labourer, but by the time of his  early death from cancer, he was a railway engine driver. See Walter’s pedigree chart.

This post gives some details of his wife, Caroline Claydon, and how she coped after his death.

My earliest Alliston is Thomas (c1774-1840). I am stuck with him, as I don’t know where he was born. He married a Mary Mead at Copford in 1799, and that is as far as I can go. Thomas’ descendents are listed further down this page.

Note 1: this does seem a surname especially open to spelling variations. I have found Allison, Alleston & Elliston in my research. Others have reported almost all possible variations, which should be borne in mind when tracking down stray Allistons!

Note 2: I haven’t yet found any link to the Allistons of Sible Hedingham & Castle Hedingham in Essex – plenty of info about them in the Alliston Yahoo Group.

Walter Alliston (1853-1899) Pedigree Chart

  Walter Alliston (1853-1899) Pedigree Chart
Descendents of Thomas Alliston (c1774-1840)

 1.  Thomas ALLISTON OR ALLISON (1774?-1840).
     Marr Mary MEAD 7 Nov 1799, Parish Church Of Copford, Essex.
    2.  Mary Ann ALLISTON OR ALLISON (1802- ).
    2.  Henry ALLISTON OR ALLISON (1813-1864).
         Marr Mary Ann PETTICAN 17 Feb 1845, Parish Church Of Marks Tey.
       3.  Henry ALLISTON (1845-1925?).
            Marr Hagar NEVARD 1865, Great Horkesley Essex.

            4.  Alfred ALLISTON (1867?- ).
            4.  Ellen ALLISTON ( – ).
            4.  Jane ALLISTON (1873?- ).
            4.  Catherine ALLISTON (1875?- ).
            4.  Elizabeth B ALLISTON (1881?- ).
            4.  Charles Henry ALLISTON (1884?- ).
            4.  Charlotte Mary Ann ALLISTON (1886- ). 
       3.  Alfred James ALLISTON (1848?- ).
       3.  George ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1850?- ).
            Marr Martha POLLEY Mar 1870, Copford, Lexden RD.
           4.  George ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1870?- ).
           4.  Walter ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1872?- ).
           4.  Charles ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1874?- ).
           4.  Ada ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1876?- ).
           4.  Francis ALLISTON OR ELLISTON (1879?- ).

      3.  Walter ALLISTON (1853-1899).
            Marr Caroline CLAYDON 2 Feb 1889, Parish Church, Braintree, Essex.

           4.  Cyril Walter ALLISTON (1889- ).
           4.  Clement Frank ALLISTON (1895- ).

       3.  Ellen ALLISTON (1857?- ).


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