Introducing the Claydons

I’ve just added a page introducing the Claydons from Essex that I have tracked down.

Sadly, this isn’t a very impressive selection of direct ancestors… only my great grandmother Caroline Claydon, and her father James – more details on my problems tracing my Claydons on the new page!

When I think of the Claydons, it is really Caroline Claydon I imagine. From the stories I’ve been told, and the pictures I’ve seen, she sounded and looked like a formidable person. She was certainly a survivor.

Her first husband, Walter Alliston died of throat cancer, leaving her with two young children (aged 10 & 4). She took in boarders for a while, and one of these became her second husband – Hugo Otto Greiner, an engineer from Germany working at a local factory. They had one child together and a much longer marriage (29 years). Hugo died in 1930, and she lived on to 1949.


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  1. mcmartyb on

    Is this Caroline Claydon, with brothers James, John, Charles, and sisters Mary Spohia and Louisa.
    Her parents being James and Spohia Lambert, their parents William (1801) and Elizabeth from Finchingfield, lived at Pound Cottages( Pound Farm) Rayne.
    William’s brothers and sisters – Jemimma, John, Charlotte, James, Lucy, Jane, Samuel Charles.
    His parents were Robert Clayton/Claydon, and his mother was Sarah. Although Robert did marry again to Mary from Panfield.

    His father Samuel Clayton (the Parish Yoeman of Finchinfield). Again he married twice Jane who died from small Pox, in 1768, and then he married Giffey wyatts 10/5/1770 and they had nine children. If it isn’t this family tree , please ignore.

    My wife is a decendent of one of William’s (1801) brothers Charles. Most of that side of the family seemed to remain in Rayne.

    Robert and William seemed to move with the farm work into the village around the 1800s, nothing definitive, although there is reference to them on SEAX system at Chelmsford. There ou can see a deed for the cottages of the farms and those that were renting them (I think).

    Most of the Claydon’s that moved to the village are in the Church yard, see Rayne website for the plots numbers. If your tree is up to William and Elizabeth they are in 64.

    I do have a lot of stuff on other parts of the family , but still trying to piece lots of others together , especially on from Samuel and Giffey, hit a dead end here.

    regards Martin Bennett (

  2. Rosemary on


    Sorry for the delay in clearing this comment.

    I am excited to note that it looks like we have a match! Most of what you have written is new info to me. All the info I have is on my Claydon page tab – which I assume you have read – and I am stuck at the marriage of James Claydon and Sophia Lambert in 1850.

    Given the lack of father on James Claydon’s marriage certificate & marriage in 1850 (before 1851 census), I had got stuck regarding being sure that I was identifying the correct family. What is your link to show that James Claydon is the son of William Claydon – is that the only family of this name in Rayne parish records – or does the parish register copy of the 1850 marriage have his father’s name recorded?

    I am happy to share info, although I guess we should move to email for that. Are you ok with me emailing you?


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